Studio M - A45

Open Frame Chassis

After our project with Streacom’s BC1 Mini, we wanted something even more versatile and with more uniqueness which would allow us to really get creative.  We got in contact with Monster Studio’s and talked about a collaboration with them to do a one off build using their A45 frame.  The frame is made from 10mm thick aluminium and the machining is near perfection which would warrant the retail price tag.  A little transparency though, our sample which was finished in Silver did not have the best anodising finish.  We cannot say if retail samples would be better but our sample needs to be better.  We plan on changing the colour so the anodising finish is less important to us at this stage. 

The frame comes flat packed so assembly is required, while the instructions are in Chinese, it’s clear enough to work out how it all fits together (See the unboxing and assembly video below).  Provided are mounting brackets for radiators and fans and nicely machined brackets for cable/tubing management as well as a power button.  You’ll also find 2 mounting styles for the Graphics Card, a traditional horizontal mount and a vertical mount which requires the included bracket that sits on the base of the chassis.  We much preferred the traditional horizontal mount for an aircooled card, however for a watercooled card the vertical mount is definitely the first choice to show off that waterblock.

The White One

The original plan was to jump straight into the black Carbon build however an opportunity arose when we received the frame in silver.  With the MSI core components available (Thank you MSI!) it would be an utter shame to not explore a white/silver build.  We got to admit, this project showcase is turning into something quite astounding with the graphics card and motherboard seemingly levitating and floating in mid air.  We took a different approach with this one by purposely not researching this frame/chassis so we had to figure out what all the spare parts do.  This allowed us to get a little adventurous with watercooling mounting locations. 

We are pairing this one with Apacer’s Panther Series DDR5 Memory who kindly donated a 32gb 2 dimm kit.  Watercooling we are styling this with Mayhems Solution’s Hot Pink coolant with Satin tubing.   


Building the white Version was such a pleasure, it’s really opened up some options for the Black One and has enabled me to more effectively plan out the next build using this frame.  We’ve utilised horizontal mounting position in this build, it would make sense for the Black One to make use of the Vertical mounting solution next.  This will absolutely depend on how aesthetically this looks however, so nothing is final.  A couple of things to note, though one of the mounts is specifically designed to hold 2.5″ SSD’s, we did try using it as a fan mount which worked fine.  I would trust it to hold a radiator though. 

Next Chapter....

The Black One

The black one is a carbon and racing inspired rig, featuring some absolutely phenomenal hardware.  The highlight of the build is focused around Kingston Technology’s Fury Renegade Limited Edition Memory kit.  Special thanks to them for sending this over to us for this particular build.  Rated for 8000mts, it requires specific and capable motherboards to achieve those speeds.  With it’s striking red accent and carbon fibre inlays mixed with a touch of RGB to finish this memory kit off.