Space Homage - PC Project

The project is rather personal to me as it follows one of my most interesting topics/subjects - Space!

Specifically the JWST which has photographed some of the most awe inspiring images of space. The project will revolve around the Space Telescope and as per Minibotpc, be an ITX based system with powerful hardare to support.

Are you ready for the unknown?

Initial Design phase and mounting theory

We had the idea to originally place the motherboard in the centre of one of the polygon panels, however this would have resulted in a total mirror width of around 1 meter.  This would have made the project ultimately impractical not to mention the logistical nightmare involved in transporting the finished pc.  

The motherboard will be held in place via standoffs which is then through mounted into the mirrors and into a rear back brace.  The back brace will be supported on a stand while also acting as an anchor point for the mirrors.  

The idea is to use acrylic panels instead of actual mirrors to reduce the weight.  The acrylic panels would then be wrapped in automotive gold vinyl for the mirror effect which should in theory save on weight and overall cost of production.