Projects Revisited

Projects are never 100% completed

You'll find old projects revisited and reimagined here. Breathing new life into old builds and keeping with Minibotpc's build philosphy of always being different.

Revisiting the Green Bench Machine.

Not that long ago, I built a small test bench to evaluate old graphics cards which lead to quite a unique looking platform.  I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the placement of the radiator however and wanted room for expandability which lead me to the Streacom BC1 Mini.  This lead me to a projects revisited section, to further expand the content on Minibotpc.  The Streacom BC1 Mini  is a heavy weight piece of aluminium machined to perfection with plenty of mounting points for radiators and fans.  With this transformation we took the opportunity to further upgrade the watercooling hardware with Koolance QD3 fittings, MDPC Big Sleeve for tubing and EKWB Quantum Surface P240M X-Flow radiator (on order).  Pairing this with the XSPC Raystorm Neo for better cooling capabilities and Aesthetics.

This was also an opportunity to work with the Renowned Mayhems Solutions to bring some unique and reliable coolant to the system.  It is an honour to work with people with such passion and drive for what they believe in. 

Further updates to follow with the experimental coolant and testing.

projects revisited

Mayhems Experimental Coolant

Mayhems Solutions has come through with an experimental coolant colour that isn’t released to the market yet.  This rather unique Teal colour will release depending on demand so if you want this, reach out and make it happen.  I will trial and test this colour for the next couple of months to see if it stains or causes any issues.  I have a feeling this colour will be a hot hit for the coming relaunch of Mayhems Solutions.

projects revisited
projects revisited
projects revisited
projects revisited

Complete... Sort of

We’ve come to the end for this revisit for now until our new test GPU arrives for its first benchmarking.  This also now calls in another debate i’m having in my head.  If i am going to dedicate this to general gpu testing or should i upgrade the core components to something more up to date for actual benchmarking.  This would however require a new board, new CPU and new Memory, all of which are rather expensive right now. 

For now, enjoy some product shots of the finished article. 

Not complete, upgraded instead...

The complete phase didn’t stay complete for long, here we are now the upgraded platform. 

New board, new cpu and faster memory to boot.  We’ve also received our RTX 4060 low profile gpu to finish this machine.  Though primarily we’ll be using this to test different product reviews, we’d also like to put this machine through its paces to see how it performs at 1080p/1440p.  

We’ve done some tweaking already with the graphics card, thanks to the guys over at SFF.Network – Newsfeed | SFF.Network (, we’ve managed to flash a different bios onto the card which enabled us to boost the power limit to +13% giving us a higher benchmark result in 3Dmark Timespy.  This also gave us the much needed Fanstop function that’s available on the bigger cards. 


Featuring fast Gen4 nvme support, Gen5 pcie slot and support for high speed DDR4 of up to 5333mhz! We have some DDR4 on the way from different vendors to test out on this board, stay tuned.

Gigabyte RTX 4060 Low Profile Edition

This SFF gpu has been a want for some time especially for this particular build.  The power for its size is unmatched and unrivalled.